“I was so impressed with your company’s expertise, fast service and unbelievable cleanliness that I will be recommending your services to our all of our Project Managers.  We look forward to working with you again.
Thanks Guys!
L. Cardin
Lakeview Construction

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction in your cleaning services. I had moved out of a house that needed a lot of cleaning, to include carpet stains, paint touch up and minor drywall work. With the location of my new house, this work would have taken many days and trips to get it accomplished. You guys got it completed in immaculate condition in just a couple days, I was very impressed. 
I will be more than happy to spread the word to anyone that might be able to use your services in the future. Once again, thank you for the good work. 
By the way, I received my entire deposit back just the other day. I was expecting less, but know I got the entire amount back due to the cleaning your business performed.
A grateful customer,  
Larry LaForce
[email protected]

We called Hy-Sheen for a quote on our office building because we had a bug problem and our bug man sprayed, leaving dead bugs all over. Not only did Hy-Sheen clean up all the bugs, they did it within a few hours!!! Their cleaning job was superb and they hit every nook and cranny..........I had forgotten we had white baseboards!!! They are wonderful partners in life and business and I would highly recommend Hy-Sheen for their cleaning services. 
Kellie Everhart Maynard
North Texas Surveying
1515 S. McDonald Street
Suite 110
McKinney,TX 75069
[email protected]

  I wanted to write this to share a wonderful experience I had with Hy-Sheen back in December. I received their flyer at my apartments and was interested to see if they could assist me with a few miscellaneous projects. I am a single mom living in a second level apartment and was hoping he could help me with power-washing my garage floor as well as my patio. It is not a service listed on the flyer, however they were extremely accommodating and offered to drive to McKinney to give me an estimate. I met the owners and was so impressed with their warmth and attitude towards doing whatever they could to help me out. They had to get creative as I do not have access to a water hydrant near my apartment. They quoted me an extremely fair price and we set the time and date for their return. 
  I was amazed at the time they took to do the job right. I never expected them to take the time and detail that they did. They were hand scrubbing stains off of the garage floor as well as the balcony patio. They could have easily completed the power wash and left. These are people that are extremely committed to friendly service and indeed providing quality work. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their service as well as their kindness. I would suggest if you need any type of cleaning services to reach out to them first. They have fair prices and will go above and beyond your expectation. I will be glad to give a reference over the phone if needed, so feel free to contact me on my personal cell number (214-491-8354)
  It’s difficult to find a small business that is so accommodating and as dedicated to pleasing their customer as Hy-Sheen is with their cleaning service. Happy New Year and reach out to them for your needs! 
Sincerely , 

Amy Fish - 214.830.5731 TEL , 214.522.7437 FAX  
District Manager, FedEx Office

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Our NorthPark Center store sees a lot of high foot traffic and our bench jewelers are polishing jewelry all day long so you can imagine what the floors can look like after a while. Hy-Sheen arrived on time, got right into their work and when they were done the finished floors looked as good as the day we first opened. They really take pride in their work and it shows.

Peter LeCody
Dallas Franchise Owner
FAST FIX Jewelry and Watch Repairs
2320 NorthPark Center
Dallas, Texas 75225
(214) 361-2811
We are a general contractor in the retail construction industry and have been doing business with Hy-Sheen for several years. We do business in many states, and when it comes to projects in Texas, we always want pricing for final cleaning from Hy-Sheen. They are very competitive and their work is excellent. As a project manager I don’t always have the opportunity to be at the jobsite during the final cleaning work, but I have not received anything but praise from my superintendents about Hy-Sheen’s quality of work, professionalism, and responsiveness, all of which are important to the success of our projects and client satisfaction. I highly recommend Hy-Sheen for any cleaning service and hope to continue our business relationship for a long time to come.
Stephen Bryan
Project Manager
Fred Olivieri Construction Company
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